Project description

Business Owner: Nache Snow
Business: Creative Route
Location: Upper MarlboroMaryland

Meet Nache:
Starting off in the graphic design world, Nache partnered with a friend to run their own graphic design business. Over time she decided to shift her focus and time towards selling handmade wood laser-cut products.  She has always had a love for home décor but felt light switch plates are a neglected detail of the home, “I’ve always had an odd obsession with light switch plates. I wanted to create a business that encompassed my various skills, but still represented my creative style. A good friend helped me brainstorm ideas. I felt Creative Route represented going down my creative path. My goal was to have clients/customers want to take this creative journey with me.”

“I have always loved design, art and crafts. Opening this business has allowed me to share my artistic creations with the world. Initially, I started making wooden light switch plates for my own home and by chance it ended up growing into something more. The thought of making people happy by creating inspiring home décor keeps me motivated and energized; the notion that this could one day grow into something more continues to drive me to work harder.”

On Switch:
When Nache found she spent majority of her time thinking of Creative Route, she decided to take action and bring her dreams to life. With new product to launch and the support of her family and friends, Nache knew she was able to launch Creative Route. She said, “I began this journey to learn how to make light switch plates for my own home and to my surprise, friends and family fell in love with them. It was clear to me I might be on to something and I was not alone in wanting modern and unique light switch plates.” Since her launch, Nache has created a variety of styles that not only include light switch plates, but also other laser cut wall art that her customers love.  

Creative Route is just now catching speed and taking off. Since the launch, Nache has captured the attention of a very popular boutique in Chicago that has reached out to her and requested to sell her merchandise. With this new business collaboration you can only imagine what a great win this is for Nache, “As a start-up this is very exciting because it will be the start of me getting exposure for my products.”

Nache is not settling with her current success, she plans to gain more exposure by have her product in more stores such as Anthropologie. She eventually plans to own her own Brick and Mortar store within the next 5 years.  

Entrepreneurial Advice:
With co-owning her own graphic design company and now having Creative Route be such a success, Nache shares her valuable advice, “The devil is in the details. Before I shipped my first package I worked hard on developing packaging ideas that would excite the customer. The reviews on Etsy have validated my actions and make them worthwhile. I’ve also learned to really value the actual time it takes to create a product. Though I wanted to keep the cost fairly low, I had to make sure I accounted for time I spent making and preparing the product.”