Project description

Business Owners: TK Robinson & Kelly Quentin 
Business: Rocky Mountain Lighting & Controls
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet TK Robinson and Kelly Quentin
TK and Kelly are the owners of Rocky Mountain Lighting. Together they have over 35 years of experience in the industry. Despite the doubt shown by others, these two were able to succeed and make it farther than most others would have thought.

The Journey
Years ago, TK and Kelly started working in the same industry, and met just two years ago. They realized that they had both constantly been asked similar questions about lighting and decided that they should start their own company that was specific to lighting. “We were told that we couldn’t do this. It’s hard to start a new business in this industry and many people said that we wouldn’t even make it this far.” They stayed determined and have accomplished a lot in the short time they have been in business. Kelly says. “If you believe you can accomplish good things, you will.”

Entrepreneurial Advice
TK emphasized the importance of people, “It takes really great people to run a business, so we hired people that we know really well and trust.” Without the right people, it can be hard to be successful. He went on, “you can have the best product in the world, but with out the right people it’s going to be hard to be successful.” Kelly and TK prepared for six months so they could be ready for their first day “and there were still things we didn’t think of,” said Kelly, “so try to think of everything before you start your business instead of figuring it out along the way.

Patience and persistence have paid off for these guys. TK never forgot his dream of owning his own business, and he now credits that to his patience and persistence in achieving his dream and maintaining it once he achieved it.