Project description

Business Owner: SuAn Chow
Business: Chow Truck
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet SuAn Chow
SuAn is the owner of Chow Truck in Salt Lake City. She is one of the pioneers of the food truck scene in the Salt Lake valley, and is responsible for many of the ordinance changes that make it possible for her and many other business owners in the area to run their food trucks.

The Beginnings of Chow Truck
SuAn has previously owned several restaurants, and worked for many businesses. When she realized there weren’t any upscale, gourmet food trucks in the valley, she decided to start her own.

“There weren’t any upscale gourmet food trucks in Salt Lake valley. I thought I could introduce a really good model of what was happening nationally with food trucks, here to Salt Lake City. In doing, so I helped change the ordinances that were outdated and not accommodating to food trucks.”

Why She Does It
One thing is for sure, she is not in it for the money. SuAn said, “I’m still waiting for the big fortune. I’ve got the fame now, I’m just waiting for the fortune.” Why does she really do it? She loves being able to be creative and she loves the ability she has to come up with a concept and see it unfold in all aspects.

Entrepreneurial Advice
SuAn was quick to respond when we asked her for her advice to other entrepreneurs, “Reality TV is not reality, so don’t watch so much television. Be passionate and give the idea your 24/7 attention. Pay attention to every detail and spend a lot of time growing your business.”