Project description

Business Owners: Mark & Elizabeth England
Business: Dolcetti Gelato
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Mark and Elizabeth England
Mark and Elizabeth are the owners and founders of Dolcetti Gelato in Salt Lake City, Utah. They take pride in the fact that they are, “the only authentic artisan gelato makers in Utah,” and they use only the finest ingredients they can find. “Gelato is more complex than making ice cream, especially if you make it from scratch… We make a point to use the very best ingredients that we can produce naturally and are locally produced.”

The Art of Running a Gelato Shop
Mark and Elizabeth are both artists, and they combined their skills when designing the Dolcetti Gelato interior space. “Everything in this place is an expression of who we are and what we do, not just a generic ice cream shop.”

Dolcetti Gelato is an experience of more than just flavor; it’s a visual experience as well.

“What we want is for this to be an expression of ourselves and what we value, not just as what we create as artists, but what we value in culture, food, and integrity.”