Project description

Business Owner: Eli Kerr
Business: Gnarly Nutrition
Location: South Jordan, Utah

Meet Eli Kerr
Eli is one of the co owners of Blue Earth Nutrition and it’s brand Gnarly Nutrition, whose primary focus is not only selling quality nutrition products that taste great, but also having a great culture associated with the name.

“We have about 30 pro athletes that we work hand in hand with. That’s been super cool and a big part of our culture. We want to make it attractive and exciting for other people, and create the idea of pushing boundaries and accomplishing goals.”

The Journey
Gnarly Nutrition has been around for about 3 years. From then to now they have picked up about 30 pro athletes that they work hand in hand with, among the Gnarly team, you will find some of the best athletes in the world.

Elis Biggest Win
As a business owner Eli loves the flexibility he has. “Sometimes it means I can take some time off, or come in to the office late or use time for family stuff.” Says Eli, but its not always the case. “Sometimes the business needs me, and I have to put in more hours than I want to, and I’ll put in hours over the weekend when it’s not convenient.”
As a business Eli says that there biggest win would be the momentum that they are gaining. “Its very motivating, it gets us very excited and optimistic.”

Entrepreneurial Advice
Eli emphasized the fact that you need to be persistent as a business owner, but be careful with that persistence. “Sometimes you have an idea, but you are so persistent that you try and convince people it’s the right product when its not. And in that way persistence isn’t always beneficial… There are lots and lots of barriers as a business owner, and that’s when you have got to be the most persistent, get back on the saddle when you fall off.” With that being said, why not try?  The journey may not be the easiest, but with persistence it will pay off.