Project description

Business Owner: Kelly Young
Business: Juicekeys
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Welcome to the Juice Bar
Established in June of 2014, Juicekeys made its first appearance to the public with only 350 square feet of space, a refrigerator stocked with freshly cold pressed juice and only a couple shelves of their plant based protein. Over time and a great sibling partnership, Juicekeys is now the neighborhood favorite, “We have steadily grown the storefront to market over twenty different products as well as the introduction of our shot bar—a place to order fresh shots of wheatgrass, lemon-ginger and wild-harvested AFA (a form of Blue-green Algae).The introduction of The Shot Bar was extremely important in the fact that it laid the foundation for what we are currently building: a full functioning Juicebar!”

“We wanted to educate people in health and the role that nutrition plays in their overall wellbeing. We asked our Dad, who owns and operates a residential home remodeling company if we could use the front portion of his showroom to put in a refrigerator and a few shelves of products. We felt the best way to do this and make a living for ourselves was to create a Health Boutique and Juicebar. We’ve been growing ever since!”

Cheers to healthy living
This is no ordinary Juicing hub, Juicekeys offers each customer with exceptional service as well as health lifestyle education. Both Kelly and Chris Young have many years of education under their belt as well as health experience. The knowledge that they have gained over the years transformed their local Juice Bar into a landing zone for customers to come and be educated on healthy living, “We place precedence on education.  We strive to educate our customer in regards to our products, but also with respect to overall health.  We select products that have great synergies and that work in unison to make profound differences in one’s overall well-being.  We are a boutique, so the majority or our products cannot be found in larger competition. We are able to tailor items and delivery to customer preference.  We work a lot with private labels and can order products specific to customer needs.  We have the capability to sell and deliver via our storefront, delivery truck, and website.”

Essential business keys
Just like the many entrepreneurs worldwide who face the hurdles of starting a small business, Kelly and Chris found they too had countless obstacles to face. They chose to dig in and transform these roadblocks in Juicekeys strengths, “Our biggest roadblock was our marketing—just getting people to know we existed. We have now learned marketing is everything in the Health and Juice business. You have to know how to reach out to people and in a manner that is going to allow them to purchase your products with the least amount of burden possible.”Juicekeys has since invested funds into developing and launching a new website that is now driving new business their way. With this newfound success, Juicekeys plans to continue to grow and open more shops locally as well as nationally.

Number one JuiceKEY to success
To those looking to enter into the Juicing industry, Juicekey encourages you  to remember the following: “You must maintain positive attitudes. No customer wants to be told it can’t be done, or we can’t find this for you. We try with every fiber of our being not let our customers down.  As soon as you get negative, you start to waste time and not only that, but it starts to become a culture issue.  We have a saying, ‘If you have something bad to say about the day, you have to say it with a smile!’”