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Business Barb Bergeson
Business: Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery
Location: Boise, Idaho

Meet Barb:
Barb’s passion with photography ignited at a young age as she would watch her father work his magic as a talented photographer. Out of 9 children, Barb was the only one of her siblings to follow in her father’s footsteps. She transformed her natural photographer talent into a full blown successful career. Barb started her independent photography studio in 1989 right out of highschool  As the years progressed, so did her skills and she is now well known throughout Boise, Idaho. If you ask her how she does it,expect her answer to be,“Don’t ask me! I just dug in and practiced, practiced, practiced!”

“I have loved photography since I was little child watching my father use his camera. As I got older, I wanted to take my passion and natural talent to the next level by making a living off of it. My true joy and success comes from being able to do what I love while being able to be a mom at the same time.”

Mind Over Matter:
Early on, Barb made up her mind that in order to be successful she needed to have the upper edge that will set her apart from her industry competition. Barb specializes in newborn, children and family portraits. She decided to not be the photographer that only did digital. “When I started out in photography doing it full-time, I developed all my film and hand development all my prints on my own. I specialize in portraits that hang on walls. My clients love how I help decide what size is best for their homes.”

Hands down, Barb’s studio thrives on exceptional customer service. It not only acts as a welcoming and cozy location for her clients but it also acts as a home to her family. Ask any of her previous clients and they will assure you  Barb is the one to hire, “She will always get the perfect shot.”

Biggest win:
When I asked Barb what her biggest win has been, there was no hesitation, “Being a mom!” Not only did Barb obtain her degree in marketing, and establish her own successful photography business, but she has done it all while raising her family. As a single mother to her two sons, Keegan and Garret, Barb has proven with hard work and dedication anyone can truly do it all.

Entrepreneur advice:
If you are an aspiring photographer, Barb’s words of advice are:“Master the art of marketing yourself and provide exceptional customer service. You can be the world’s best photographer but if you don’t know how to market yourself, your work. or treat your customer, you will get nowhere.”