Project description

Business Owner: Sarah Loreth  
Business: Sarah Ann Loreth Photography
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Meet Sarah
Since a young girl, Sarah always had a creative side to her. It wasn’t until 2010 when she picked up her first camera and started shooting photographs that she realized she found her passion in life.  She loved her current job but it was not what her heart desired. Through self-discovery, Sarah was led to follow her passion for photography and transform it into a successful career, “I started taking shy self-portraits in my kitchen and posting it online. I got such a good response I just kept posting and kept shooting. Eventually it got to the point I couldn’t do anything but photography. Soon enough, I had quit my job to travel the country and host workshops with a not-for-profit I helped create!”

Persistence and dedication to her work is what drives Sarah to continue building her business, “If you pour your heart and passion into something, people will follow. Social media has played a part in that. The support from the community has helped put me in contact with opportunities to keep my business going and the motivation to never to give up. Photography has taught me if I’m always moving forward in the direction of my dreams, I’ll never fail. I’ve learned to appreciate the journey and have learned from every new experience.”

“I had been working in healthcare of quite a few years before I found photography. I was an aide in an operating room and although I enjoyed helping people it just wasn’t something I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. When I started taking pictures, I found my passion. After years of hard work, it got to the point where I couldn’t do anything but. I immersed myself so deeply into the photography world learning how to run a business, license images, and take photos. I tried to balance having both jobs, but the freedom I felt in running my own business and creating my own path, was the deciding factor. I took the leap of faith and I was quitting my job to help teach photography workshops all over the country! I just got back from my second tour of US and Canada, 28,000 miles by car in four months. I’m always trying to run full steam ahead in the direction of my dreams.”

Wild Ones
Sarah is a great example of following her dreams to success, but she attributes her main success to helping others. The Wild Ones workshop tour is Sarah’s biggest win, “I’ve always had a passion for helping and travel, and The Wild Ones was everything I hoped for. In two years we traveled 28,000 miles by car to teach over 200 students in 20 workshops.”

The Wild Ones, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 2013. This is an annual summer traveling workshop providing business consulting as well as photography techniques to aspiring photographers across the nations. Sarah states, “The Wild Ones aims to bring hope and inspiration to those in need by empowering attendees to use the tools we provide to create stories and use art as a way of conquering life goals, while laying the foundation to live their dreams.” You can follow Sarah and her team on

Sarah’s Entrepreneur Advice
To all aspiring entrepreneurs, her main advice to you is to not hesitate to share your talents and passions with those who surround you, “Success is better when shared. Find a group of people who really support you and your dreams; work together with them. Build communities and a support system to push you forward when you want to give up. Never give up. Love the journey. And always keep stepping forward.”