Project description

Business Owner: Justin Hackworth
Business: Justin Hackworth Photography
Location: Orem, Utah

Meet Justin
Justin Hackworth might just be the most fun person you will ever meet. He is the founder of Justin Hackworth Photography in Provo, Utah. He started his business after his interest in photography took off, and he realized there was nothing else he wanted to do.

I love what I do. I’m passionate about making pictures that matter for people. I love seeing the enduring value of the photographs I’ve made for clients. Years after I’ve photographed them, I’ll hear about how much the images mean to them, and that’s deeply satisfying.

A Life Changing Event
When Justin first decided to pursue photography, he went to the studio of Salt Lake City photographer Kent Miles. He viewed Kent’s work and was “strongly affected.” Justin said, “I had never seen pictures like that before, and they really moved me. I knew then that I wanted to make pictures that could move people in the same way those Kent Miles pictures moved me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that really was a moment that changed my life.”

Justin’s Biggest Win
Among the many great advantages of owning a business, Justin says that his biggest win lies in the control that he has on his future. “It’s up to me how much money I make, what I want my day to look like, and how I want to spend my time.” A lot of people would love to have that sort of control, and because he owns his own business, Justin does.

Based On Justin’s Experience
Justin started to work as a photographer because of his love for photography. According to him, his love for photography was a lot greater than his business skills. “The hardest part about this path has been learning what it takes to run a business. And those lessons have little to do with the craft of photography.”