Project description

Business Owner: Ariane Porcellini  
Business: Creatively Sassy 
Location: Huntington, New York

Meet Ari 
Unsatisfied with her current job, Ari decided to make a change. She parted ways with her job and devoted her time to discover herself and take on a rewarding career that would satisfy both her personal and professional life goals. During this time she learned more about her creative side and decided design was the new career path she wanted to take. After examining her life and what gave her joy, Ari made the move to transform her passion for knitting and design into a business.

Ari states her business had little to no barriers to entry, “Putting my plan into motion was actually a lot easier than I thought. Originally it started out as a blog where I got to fulfill my other passion, writing. I was able to write about the things I loved from the latest fashions coming down the runway at New York Fashion Week to sharing a new knitting stitch I had just learned. As my business evolved it became clear to me that I wanted to put blogging on hold and focus more on designing hand knit items I could sell in my own online store. After taking some time to do some re-branding I opened my online store with Etsy and haven’t looked back.”

“Running my own Etsy shop since 2013 has been one of the biggest rewards and learning experiences of my life. Not only do I get to create each item, but I also photograph, package and occasionally model the items myself. Designing, knitting, photographing and packaging each item gives me a tremendous amount of happiness & satisfaction that I wouldn’t be able to get from a traditional 9-5 job.”

Stay The Course
Since starting her online business, Ari has learned a lot about herself—along with the type of product she wants to produce and the business she wants to build.  Knowing success does not come easy, Ari has dedicated herself to finish every project 100%. Ari says her biggest win is staying the course with every idea she has no matter what self-doubt might arise, “A lot of my roadblocks were mental blocks I put on myself. Setting up the business and opening my online store were the easy parts—it was the self-doubt of, ‘Am I cut out for this?’ and, ‘Are my products good enough?’ that were the hard parts to get through.” Despite all the self-doubt, Ari has chosen to push through those moments of self-doubt and focus on the ultimate goal, “I was designing a new item for the store and I was just having a moment where it just wasn’t coming out right now matter what I did. Well, after many frustrating days, I finally finished the piece and it is now the best seller in my store, It was definitely one of those ‘Yes!’ moments.”

Stay True To You
One vital piece of business advice Ari has for aspiring entrepreneurs it to, “Stay true to yourself—don’t do something just because you think you can make money with it. After a while customers will be able to tell it’s not genuine. Do something you would be doing even if you weren’t making money from it. I love knitting and I can absolutely tell you I would be knitting all the time even if I didn’t have my business. It’s better to be genuine and have a slower pace of growth than be a flash in the pan.”

Ari continues to stay in business because she truly loves what she does. She simply puts it as “Everything I do with Creatively Sassy represents a piece of me, from designing new items to shipping out finished products, every facet of the business is part of me and who I am.”