How do I get my business featured on Faces of Main Street?
It’s easy. Just click here and fill out the form! Someone will get back to you to coordinate your feature. It may take a few weeks, so please be patient.

How much does this cost me?
Faces of Main Street is 100% free. “FREE you say?” Yes… FREE!

Why would I want my business on Faces of Main Street?
We’ll answer your question with another question, “Why wouldn’t you want to be on Faces of Main Street?” But seriously being featured on Faces of Main Street offers your business added online exposure through a link or two back to your website, Facebook page, or wherever you call your online home, on our website and all over our social media. It’s also an opportunity to be picked up by local media outlets like Blues Barbershop.

Does my business have to be an LLC, or Incorporated, etc.?
No. We are very accepting of businesses just getting off the ground, or ones that are of a much smaller scale and haven’t declared as such.

Do I maintain ownership of my photo?
Yes. All copyrights belong to you. you are just giving us permission to share and promote it. Read more about the usage rights at the bottom of submit photos.

Can I just e-mail you my quote and picture(s) instead of filling out the form?
Of course! Just e-mail [email protected] with the same information you would put down on the form and make sure there is at least one photo attached.

Is Faces of Main Street a non-profit organization?
Faces of Main Street’s goal is to tell all 28 million small business owner’s stories. We are not about chasing riches. It is powered by Lendio, whose mission is to fuel small business owner’s and entrepreneur’s American Dream by making small business loans simple.

What is the purpose of Lendio powering Faces of Main Street?
Lendio is a free online service that helps business owners find the right small business loans within minutes. Since we hear the inspiring stories of small business owners every day we also want to tell the untold story of their struggles and successes.