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Our Mission

We are on a mission to tell the inspiring stories of the 28 million small businesses and entrepreneurs of America. We believe every story deserves to be told. These stories echo the American business dream of courage determination, and hard work. The whole nation, everyone, can help us.

Why Faces of Main Street

Support the Mission

Tell us your favorite business and we will reach out to them to try and tell their story. You can also spread the word by sharing Faces of Main Street photos and stories on social media. In a world that many times focuses on the negative, we focus on the positive, and highlight hard working entrepreneurs.

We Believe in Small Business

We believe in small business. Small business isn’t small, it’s powerful and inspiring. Small business is 28 million strong. Each day small business owners and entrepreneurs roll up their sleeves, create value and breathe life into their communities. We thank them for their positive contribution to our nation.


While you can inspire a nation with one story. We are on a mission to inspire the nation with millions of them showcased on Faces of Main Street. Every story needs to be told.

The National Athletic Institute helps Olympic athletes achieve their dreams. David, an NAI athlete, is blind and is the fastest T11 Paralympic sprinter in the world. His story inspires us.

Brought to you by Lendio

Every day we work hard at Lendio to make getting small business loans simple. As we do this, we hear inspiring stories of thousands of small business owners, stories that give us energy and purpose. We want the nation to hear these stories. That’s why Faces of Main Street was born.