Charmed Collections

Business Information

Owners Lindsey Redfern, Kim Orlandini & Leisha Kelsey

Name Charmed Collections

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Get to know Charmed Collections How it got started Lindsey Redfern, Kim Orlandini & Leisha Kelsey met doing adoption advocacy within their community. They started doing a craft night on a regular basis to get together and chat and work on creative projects. One day they decided to stamp some letters on a piece of metal and place it […]

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Steals Network

Business Information

Owner: Jana Francis

Name: Steals Network

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Get to know Steals Network

Website: How it got started Jana just had a little girl, 6 years after having 2 boys, and now that she had a great job, she was excited to buy all the things! Since she had a full time job though, she found it difficult to spend any time shopping at brick and mortar […]

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Paper Crush

Business Information

Business Owner: Holly Moeller

Business Name: Paper Crush

Location: Lehi, Utah

Get to know Paper Crush

Website: Paper Crush is a brick and mortar and online store that sells stationary, party supplies and some crafting materials. They have been in business since 2011, but have just recently opened their first store in Lehi, Utah, on none other than Main street! Our favorite street! How it got started Holly started out […]

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Foto Strap

Business Information

Business Owner Katie Norris

Business Name: Fotostrap

Location: Dallas, Texas

Get to know Foto Strap

Website: Meet Katie Norris In 2011 Katie Norris funded a non-profit organization called Fotolanthropy. This organization is made up of photographers and filmmakers that focus on documenting true stories of people overcoming adversity. Katie explains how this project inspired her company Fotostrap. She said, “After founding this non-profit, I imagined how neat it would be […]

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Fold Leather Company

Business Information

Owner: Meg and Mosie

Name: Fold Leather Company

Location: San Diego, California

Get to know Fold Leather Company

Website: Fold Leather Company One Night In February The two owners of Fold Leather Company were enjoying the evening over a glass of wine, “trying to solve all of the world’s problems,” when they pulled out a box of leather pieces, and started to craft them in all different fashions. “Wouldn’t it be great to do […]

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Soy Delicious Candles

Business Information

Owner: Maggie Maceiras and Georgette Hoyo

Name: Soy Delicious Candles

Location: Miami, Florida

Get to know Soy Delicious Candles

Website: Soy Delicious Candles The Soy Candle Duo Prior to launching the successful Soy Delicious candle company, Maggie Maceiras and Georgette Hoyo were both teachers. With no prior business experience, they both decided that they were ready to start a new venture. Since joining forces and becoming business partners both have been able to produce a […]

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Rubies & Rouge

Business Information

Owner: Cassi Butler

Name: Rubies & Rouge

Location: Skiatook, Oklahoma

Get to know Rubies & Rouge

Website: Rubies & Rouge Living A Dream “While I was trudging through college, I was asked everyday what my major was, how many hours I was taking, and what I planned to do after graduating. I would think to myself, all I really want to do is own a boutique & make-up studio to help others […]

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ACBC Designs

Business Information

Owner: Ann Cosgrove

Name: ACBC Designs

Location: Portland, Oregon

Get to know ACBC Designs

Website: ACBC Designs ACBC Designs Meet Ann Cosgrove. Combine her husband’s initials with hers, and you get ACBC, the inspiration for the catchy name. ACBC Designs is an online website where you can access their modern designed paper goods, handmade in Portland, Oregon. For someone who would end up having a career in the arts, Portland […]

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Rich Hippies

Business Information

Owner: Lana Katsaros

Name: Rich Hippies

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Get to know Rich Hippies

Website: Rich Hippies Meet Lana Becoming a new mother transformed Lana’s world into a better place. This new role ignited the desire to have more control over her time and create a better environment and community for her son, Atlas. Lana said, “After working in entertainment and marketing for 15 years in NYC, I decided with […]

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Zimmerman Shoes

Business Information

Owners: Amelia Ozimek & Audrey Zimmerman

Name: Zimmerman Shoes

Location: Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania

Get to know Zimmerman Shoes

Website: Zimmerman Shoes It Runs in the Family For generations the Zimmerman family has been manufacturing children’s shoes for several different labels. The families successful manufacturing business, Kepner Scott was established in 1888 by the family’s great grandfather Milo Zimmerman. Milo purchased the manufacturing business as a retirement project. After fifty successful years in the manufacturing […]

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