Business Information:

Owner: Owen Fuller

Name: QZZR

Location: Lehi, UT

Get to know QZZR

Website:QZZR.com How it got started A couple guys launched a quiz tool for teachers, and happened to move in to the office next door to the marketing company owned by Owen. When Owen checked out the tool they had created, he thought it could be a very effective marketing tool. They collaborated to create a […]

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Super Healthy Kids

Business Information

Owners: Amy Roskelley & Natalie Monson

Name: Super Healthy Kids

Location: Lehi, Utah

Get to know Super Healthy Kids

Website: SuperHealthyKids.com How it got started Amy Roskelley had an idea for a children’s dinner plate that would also help them understand how to make healthy food choices. She created her website superhealthykids.com to assist her in her goal of educating parents and children about healthy eating habits, and to sell her new plate. As […]

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Steals Network

Business Information

Owner: Jana Francis

Name: Steals Network

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Get to know Steals Network

Website: Steals.com How it got started Jana just had a little girl, 6 years after having 2 boys, and now that she had a great job, she was excited to buy all the things! Since she had a full time job though, she found it difficult to spend any time shopping at brick and mortar […]

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