Waffle Love

Business Information

Owner Adam Terry

Name Waffle Love

Location: Utah

Get to know Waffle Love

Website:WaffleLuv.com How it got started Adam has a typical starting out story. Sometimes in our worst moments come our greatest accomplishments, and the start of Waffle Love definitely fits that mold. He was working as a banker and lost his job. He was very concerned about what he was going to do to provide for […]

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LoL Hawaiian Grill

Business Information

Owners The Toleafoa Family

Name LoL Hawaiian Grill

Location: Sandy, UT

Get to know LoL Hawaiian Grill

LoL Hawaiian Grill FB Page How it got started Lana and Lopi (the L and L behind LoL in the name) were raising their two children in Hawaii, and running a successful business. The family would visit Utah every summer, until they decided that they wanted to move there. Being entrepreneurs, Lana and Lopi wanted […]

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