Charmed Collections

Business Information

Owners Lindsey Redfern, Kim Orlandini & Leisha Kelsey

Name Charmed Collections

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Get to know Charmed Collections How it got started Lindsey Redfern, Kim Orlandini & Leisha Kelsey met doing adoption advocacy within their community. They started doing a craft night on a regular basis to get together and chat and work on creative projects. One day they decided to stamp some letters on a piece of metal and place it […]

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Sweetheart Bridal & DC Tuxedos

Business Information

Owners: Chad & Shelley Grose

Name: Sweetheart Bridal & DC Tuxedos

Location: Provo, UT

Get to know Sweetheart Bridal & DC Tuxedos

How it got started Chad was unhappy at his job as a restaurant manager, and Shelley took it upon herself to find a new job for Chad. She was browsing the internet and happened upon a site for people selling their business. Chad came home and she told him how she was thinking they should […]

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Canvy’s Bag Company

Business Information

Owner: Brennan Waldorf

Name: Canvy's Bag Company

Location: Fort Myers, Florida

Get to know Canvy’s Bag Company

Business Website: Canvy’s Bag Company The Search Meet Brennan Waldorf, a 23 year old recent college graduate in his second year of running his own business. What started as a simple idea soon transpired into a full blown fashion success. Brennan has had no prior experience running a business or working within the fashion industry, but he has […]

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Business Information

Owner: Wei Tsay

Name: Avantūr

Location: New York City, New York

Get to know Avantūr

Website: Avantūr Embrace the Unknown While both Wei and Gina climbed the career ladder in the finance industry, the desire to explore their personal talents in the fashion industry were becoming increasingly undeniable. Before embarking on a new adventure, both Wei and Gina took time to research the fashion industry. These new fashion designer wanted a […]

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Arcane Supply Co.

Business Information

Owner: Lucas Darway

Name: Arcane Supply Co.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Get to know Arcane Supply Co.

Website: Arcane Supply Co. Arcane Supply Co. With a life long heritage in the arts and design, Lucas is a man with creative tendencies and passions flowing deep within him. “I was inspired by two men I watched helping others abroad in really impoverished parts of Asia, and my vision of running a business that combined creative […]

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Rubies & Rouge

Business Information

Owner: Cassi Butler

Name: Rubies & Rouge

Location: Skiatook, Oklahoma

Get to know Rubies & Rouge

Website: Rubies & Rouge Living A Dream “While I was trudging through college, I was asked everyday what my major was, how many hours I was taking, and what I planned to do after graduating. I would think to myself, all I really want to do is own a boutique & make-up studio to help others […]

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Dixie Reserve

Business Information

Owner: Bryant Hawkins

Name: Dixie Reserve

Location: Owensboro, Kentucky

Get to know Dixie Reserve

Website: Dixie Reserve The Southerner “I had this dream for years,” says Bryant Hawkins, owner of Dixie Reserve. He grew up in the south, Kentucky to be exact, where the deep roots in horses and bourbon inspired him. He let the, “southern state of mind,” carry him in his business adventures, and influence him to the […]

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Zimmerman Shoes

Business Information

Owners: Amelia Ozimek & Audrey Zimmerman

Name: Zimmerman Shoes

Location: Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania

Get to know Zimmerman Shoes

Website: Zimmerman Shoes It Runs in the Family For generations the Zimmerman family has been manufacturing children’s shoes for several different labels. The families successful manufacturing business, Kepner Scott was established in 1888 by the family’s great grandfather Milo Zimmerman. Milo purchased the manufacturing business as a retirement project. After fifty successful years in the manufacturing […]

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Business Information

Owner: Amara Bessa

Name: Kariella

Location: Ventura, California

Get to know Kariella

Website: Kariella Founded On Dreams “Kariella was founded on a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl, which prompted me to name my shop after my little princess Kariella. Playing store was a regular hobby of mine as a child which soon led to sewing my own dress up clothes and eventually turned into a career […]

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