Taylor Street Films

Business Information

Owner Loki Mulholland

Name Taylor Street Films / Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation

Location: Utah

Get to know Taylor Street Films

Website:theJTMfoundation.org How it got started Ever since Loki saw Star Wars as a young boy he knew he wanted to be a film maker. He wrote his first screenplay in 6th grade, really just to get the prettiest girl in school to interact with him. When he graduated from college he went into video production […]

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Lehi Singers Company

Business Information

Owner Angee Duvall

Name Lehi Singers Company

Location: Lehi, Utah

Get to know Lehi Singers Company

Website:lehi.singerscompany.com How it got started Angee’s business is a franchise of the Singers Company. It was originally started by Katie Parker, who was looking for a way to earn money. She started a singing and dancing group to help with her expenses and when she went to college, she enjoyed it so much that she […]

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Business Information:

Owner Preston Smith

Name Eskaped

Location: Utah

Get to know Eskaped

Website:Eskaped.com How it got started Preston always knew he wanted to start a business some day. He felt that when you own your own business there is no ceiling on your earning potential. He also wanted the freedom to create. While working in other jobs, he was able to be creative, but always within the […]

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