Hides and Stitches

Business Information

Business Owners Dan and Tiffany Garbowitz

Business Name: Hides and Stitches

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Get to know Hides and Stitches

Website: hidesandstitches.com New Hobby While searching for the perfect naturally tanned belt to add to his wardrobe, Dan Garbowitz found that retailers who carried the specific full-grain natural belts that he wanted, were asking for $100 or more. Dan thought he could make one for less, so he purchased the leather and tools needed and went […]

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MIDAM. Mercantile

Business Information

Business Owner: Isaac Sheehan

Business Name: MIDAM. Mercantile 

Location: Pickerington, Ohio

Get to know MIDAM. Mercantile

The Hands of a Designer Isaac Sheehan has always had a passion for design. He enjoys working with his hands and creating art. Currently, Isaac is a full-time graphic design student and works a part-time job. As a hardworking student, Isaac sought out new ways to earn some extra income. Extra income During winter break […]

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Fernweh Woodworking

Business Information

Owner: Justin Nelson

Name: Fernweh Woodworking

Location: Bend, Oregon

Get to know Fernweh Woodworking

Business Website: Fernweh Woodworking Meet Justin Nelson Before following his dream of owning a successful woodworking business, Justin Nelson worked hard to provide for his family and their future. He graduated Purdue University with a business degree, served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps and honorably fought for his country during a year-long deployment […]

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Fold Leather Company

Business Information

Owner: Meg and Mosie

Name: Fold Leather Company

Location: San Diego, California

Get to know Fold Leather Company

Website: Fold Leather Company One Night In February The two owners of Fold Leather Company were enjoying the evening over a glass of wine, “trying to solve all of the world’s problems,” when they pulled out a box of leather pieces, and started to craft them in all different fashions. “Wouldn’t it be great to do […]

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Soy Delicious Candles

Business Information

Owner: Maggie Maceiras and Georgette Hoyo

Name: Soy Delicious Candles

Location: Miami, Florida

Get to know Soy Delicious Candles

Website: Soy Delicious Candles The Soy Candle Duo Prior to launching the successful Soy Delicious candle company, Maggie Maceiras and Georgette Hoyo were both teachers. With no prior business experience, they both decided that they were ready to start a new venture. Since joining forces and becoming business partners both have been able to produce a […]

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ACBC Designs

Business Information

Owner: Ann Cosgrove

Name: ACBC Designs

Location: Portland, Oregon

Get to know ACBC Designs

Website: ACBC Designs ACBC Designs Meet Ann Cosgrove. Combine her husband’s initials with hers, and you get ACBC, the inspiration for the catchy name. ACBC Designs is an online website where you can access their modern designed paper goods, handmade in Portland, Oregon. For someone who would end up having a career in the arts, Portland […]

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Honey Boards

Business Information

Owner: Sarah Tucker

Name: Honey Boards

Location: New Orleans, Lousiana

Get to know Honey Boards

Website: Honey Boards Meet The Owners Of Honey Boards In October of 2014, Sarah Tucker and her boyfriend Kyle Hubbs made the leap to transform their dreams into a reality. Combining their personal savings and previous entrepreneurial experience they were able to established a successful business, Honey Board. They are are both driven and passionate about what they do and together have […]

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If You Give A Girl A Saw

Business Information

Owner: Janine Stone

Name: If You Give A Girl A Saw

Location: San Luis Obispo, California

Get to know If You Give A Girl A Saw

Website: If You Give A Girl A Saw Janine’s Inspiration “Creating products that are practical, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly is the inspiration behind If You Give a Girl a Saw. By purchasing reclaimed wood from local lumberyards, I’m able to handcraft a new life into recycled materials. I strive to design multi-functional pieces that inspire creativity within the consumer. When you’re genuinely […]

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Yuuniq Candles

Business Information

Owner: Yudit Goulbourme

Name: Yuuniq Candles

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Get to know Yuuniq Candles

Website: Yuuniq Candles Meet Yudit Goulbourne “I got the name Yuuniq by taking ‘Yu,’ from my first name, and blended it with ‘unique,’ says Yudit, The owner of YuuNiq Candles. Yuudit Goulbourne is originally a teacher from Jamaica, where she taught for 5 years. She nows lives in Brooklyn where she provides candle lovers with the […]

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