Sweetheart Bridal & DC Tuxedos

Business Information

Owners: Chad & Shelley Grose

Name: Sweetheart Bridal & DC Tuxedos

Location: Provo, UT

Get to know Sweetheart Bridal & DC Tuxedos

How it got started Chad was unhappy at his job as a restaurant manager, and Shelley took it upon herself to find a new job for Chad. She was browsing the internet and happened upon a site for people selling their business. Chad came home and she told him how she was thinking they should […]

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Paper Crush

Business Information

Business Owner: Holly Moeller

Business Name: Paper Crush

Location: Lehi, Utah

Get to know Paper Crush

Website: MyPaperCrush.com Paper Crush is a brick and mortar and online store that sells stationary, party supplies and some crafting materials. They have been in business since 2011, but have just recently opened their first store in Lehi, Utah, on none other than Main street! Our favorite street! How it got started Holly started out […]

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Robert Kelly Home

Business Information

Owner Bob Zierk

Name Robert Kelly Home

Location: Park City, UT

Get to know Robert Kelly Home

Website:┬áRobert Kelly Home Meet Bob Zierk Found among the restaurants, gift shops, and art galleries on Main St. in Park City, you will find Robert Kelly Home, a retail furniture store and gallery that Bob Zierk and his wife started about 6 years ago. Bob and his wife moved to Park City to get out […]

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